Melbourne’s Architectural Styles Explained – Part II

Well it’s the first day of Spring and hopefully two weeks from now we will be springing back into action with over a dozen new listings for Team Fetter set to hit the market as soon as restrictions ease. We are expecting quite the frenzy of activity post lock down. Like I said to myContinue reading “Melbourne’s Architectural Styles Explained – Part II”

How excited would you be over a 3.5% discount?

Because that’s the only COVID discount on offer at the moment across Melbourne, with median house prices down just 3.5% since April, according to the latest REIV data. It’s funny though, given the hesitation of most buyers and sellers at the moment, you’d expect this number to be 35%, not 3.5%. Prices are still upContinue reading “How excited would you be over a 3.5% discount?”