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Holding Up

When lockdown finally ended and our first round of open inspections were eerily quiet I was a bit concerned. Could the market have turned that quickly? Where did all the buyers go? Turns out they were all hungover and/or shopping. Phew! There’s no doubt the dynamic has changed since our freedoms returned. During lockdown 6.0 […]

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Extra Time

We are now in extra-time, or “overtime” as the rest of the world calls it. The full four quarters of the real estate year have nearly played out. There are five weeks until Christmas and only one more week to launch auction campaigns for 2021. And what a year it has been! Who would have […]

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Is The Market Cooling?

The market has been on an incredible tear. A once in a generation, once in a career bull run like many of us have never seen before. Our average annual capital growth rate in Melbourne has been 6.8% over the last 25 years. We’re up at least 20% this year. That’s half a million dollars […]

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