David is a highly regarded sales consultant and auctioneer in Jellis Craig Stonnington’s top performing sales team, led by Carla Fetter. In 2019, he won the company-wide Jellis Craig Rising Star Award, recognising his fierce work ethic and high-impact auction style.

And Pause

This weekend sees the last of Team Fetter/Sciola’s Auctions for 2021, leaving us with two weeks until Christmas to tie up loose ends… sell our remaining stock and continue listing for next year. The Stonnington market will pause, as usual, from Christmas until Australia Day, aside from a very small number of transactions. February should […]

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A Hard Act To Follow

You often hear famous comedians lamenting over their early days of stand up when they had to follow one of the all time greats on stage – Eddie Murphy or Chris Rock or Robin Williams – and absolutely bombed. I’m sure they still did a great set but it’s near on impossible as a mere […]

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Holding Up

When lockdown finally ended and our first round of open inspections were eerily quiet I was a bit concerned. Could the market have turned that quickly? Where did all the buyers go? Turns out they were all hungover and/or shopping. Phew! There’s no doubt the dynamic has changed since our freedoms returned. During lockdown 6.0 […]

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