David is a highly regarded sales consultant and auctioneer in Jellis Craig Stonnington’s top performing sales team, led by Carla Fetter. In 2019, he won the company-wide Jellis Craig Rising Star Award, recognising his fierce work ethic and high-impact auction style.

Popularity Contest

As Victorians hit the polls this week the property market presses on in the final run in to Christmas. Like politics, real estate is a bit of a popularity contest. Each sales campaign is, in effect, its own poll, with buyers either voting yea or nay. Buyers first vote with their eyeballs. Attractive, well-priced properties […]

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Why median house price data are misleading 

The Age (Domain) published an article on Saturday, ‘The Melbourne suburbs where property values are back to pre-pandemic levels’, which cited median house price data for various suburbs whose prices are lower today than they were in March 2020… Or so they say. Leading the fall, apparently, was Windsor, where prices are down 14.1% from March 2020 to today. […]

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