David is a highly regarded sales consultant and auctioneer in Jellis Craig Stonnington’s top performing sales team, led by Carla Fetter. In 2019, he won the company-wide Jellis Craig Rising Star Award, recognising his fierce work ethic and high-impact auction style.

Do you want to be Aldi or Armani?

There is a reason why we encourage all our vendors to invest thousands of dollars in professional styling. Because presentation is everything. If you want a premium result you must look like and feel like a premium offering. Painting, new carpets, styling. This is the low hanging fruit. This is the $20,000 investment that can […]

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Why you want a busy agent…

Being a real estate agent is a competitive pursuit. We don’t get a salary. We don’t get paid while we sleep. We pay our own super and payroll tax. 100% commission means no sales for the month equals no income for the month. Feast or famine. And I don’t expect one iota of sympathy from […]

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Post Election Bounce…

First and foremost, a huge congratulations to our very own superstar, Carla Fetter, for absolutely crushing her AREC speech to over four thousand real estate agents on the Gold Coast on Sunday. She did our team, our office, our network and our industry proud as she inspires a new generation of agents with her candid […]

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