It’s springtime in Melbourne and while it might be premature to put the puffy jacket away or switch the air conditioner mode to ‘cool’ just yet, the weather is improving, and the days are getting longer.

October and November are traditionally the busiest auction months of the year, with the ‘Super Saturday’ before the Melbourne Cup long weekend being the biggest auction day on the calendar.

This is the time of year when ‘mid-week’ or ‘twilight’ auctions come back into the fray. Typically held on-site between 5:00 – 7:00pm on a Wednesday or Thursday, twilight auctions have many advantages.

For one, they are less common than Saturday auctions and, therefore, as a seller you are less likely to be competing with similar properties at the same timeslot.

You’re more likely to have a captive audience and buyers won’t have to choose between attending one auction or another if they have interest in both.

We often see larger crowds at twilight auctions as neighbours and passive buyers are intrigued and available, without Saturday sports, errands or weekends away to contend with.

Would I go so far as to say that twilight auctions get better results, more bidders or higher clearance than Saturday auctions? No. We don’t have the data on that.

But twilight auctions are certainly just as well attended and participated in as Saturday auctions.

COVID lockdowns reaffirmed what we already knew about buyer behaviour. If a buyer wants a house, they will attend the auction or send a proxy, no matter the time, day or medium.

Tuesday lunchtime Zoom auction, Thursday evening boardroom auction, Sunday on-site auction, the best buyers will get there and compete in front of a crowd or five or fifty. It doesn’t matter when or where.

Of course, convenience is a factor and so is atmosphere.

Zoom auctions are effective and efficient, but they certainly don’t have the theatre or emotion of a competitive on-site auction.

And this is why Zoom auctions were largely dropped once restrictions were removed, with a few exceptions.

Short another unexpected shake up like the pandemic, Saturday auctions will continue to remain the default.

And some vendors will prefer to stick to the tried and true Saturday formula.

But if you’d like to set yourself apart this spring, you should consider a twilight auction.

Thanks for reading.

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