Yesterday we visited’s head office in Richmond and were presented with some intriguing insights and statistics.

REA is Australia’s dominant real estate portal, with 124million visits per month, which is 3.36 times their nearest competitor.

I was amazed to find out that Armadale was the most searched suburb in all of Victoria. (List below).

More people search for houses in Armadale than any other suburb in the state. Or perhaps it is more accurate to say that more searches occur for properties in Armadale than any other suburb, as they are counting the number of searches, not the number of people searching.

(There might be a few Armadale fanatics searching 100 times per day… You know who are are!)

Nevertheless, I’m going to have to change my auction spiel. I used to say that Armadale was “one of the most sought-after suburbs in Melbourne.”

Turns out Armadale is actually “the most sought-after suburb in Victoria.”

What makes this even more astounding is that Armadale is not a large suburb.

In fact, according to the recent Census, Armadale ranks 169th out of 482 suburbs in Melbourne by population with just 11,000 residents. (Pakenham is the most populous with 55,000).

It is easy to see why Armadale is so popular, sought-after and tightly held.

Beautiful tree-lined streets with heritage protected Victorian, Federation and Edwardian architecture. Melbourne’s best schools. Arguably Melbourne’s premier boutique shopping strip (High Street). Parks. Transport. Malvern Central. The highest number of Range Rovers per capita… I could go on.

We really are very fortunate to sell so many houses in Armadale. They pretty much sell themselves.

Suburbs with the most searches (REA)

1. Armadale

2. Brighton

3. Brunswick

4. Camberwell

5. Albert Park

6. Brunswick East

7. Ascot Vale

8. Hawthorn

9. Abbotsford

10. Elwood

Feature Image: 31 Duke Street, Windsor

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