On Saturday we eased back into open inspections. It was the first time we’ve put open for inspection boards and flags out for a very long time. We had to literally dust them off.

It was actually quieter than expected on Saturday. It seems most of Stonnington were either down at the beach, shopping, hungover, or all three!

Our busiest open saw 17 groups, which is less than we were getting via private inspection a few weeks ago. Other new listings saw only a handful of groups.

However, it was a long weekend and buyers are still getting used to the new (old) system of just showing up to opens without pre-registering.

We expect this weekend to be much busier now that everyone’s socialising and vitamin-D deficiencies have been addressed.

And while we have seen lower than average numbers inspecting our properties of late, perhaps 20-25 groups in total compared to a pre-COVID average of 40-50, it has very much been quality over quantity, with a much higher conversion rate to genuine interest and bidders.

October was a record month for our business, with our Stonnington and Richmond office selling over 100 properties, eclipsing the previous record of 71.

Team Fetter/Sciola sold the lion’s share with 31 sales for the month. Our previous busiest month was 18 sales.

We may never see such a strong month in terms of volume ever again. The backlog from the extended lockdown resulted in three months’ worth of sales being condenses into one month.

Strong demand, decisiveness from buyers and early offers meant days on market hit an all time low and the flexibility of Zoom auctions enabled us to sell properties any day of the week, leaving Saturdays (and Sundays) free for private inspections.

It has been a wild ride, working 30 consecutive days with an average daily ‘screen time’ on the iPhone above eight hours… and this doesn’t include time on the computer!

Needless to say we are very grateful of the support of our clients (vendors), customers (buyers), colleagues and families who we look forward to reacquainting ourselves with when the dust settles.

We have some great quality stock starting this week including the late Frank Costa’s Church conversion at 2-6 Morrison Place, East Melbourne, and two beautifully renovated double fronted period homes at 29 Glendearg Grove, Malvern and 15 Westgarth Street, Malvern East.

Feature Image: 29 Glendearg Grove, Malvern

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